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Home Stay Matching Process and Standard

日期: 2016-12-16
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Check the application.
Examine whether the provided information is true.
Field survey.
Background check and criminal record check. Provide parents checking result.


Matching process

Please fill AEEA Homestay Matching Form,then we will find suitable host families according to students’ demand.


After confirming the aim school, AEEA will match the mot suitable host family.


After paying the down payment,AEEA will provide the Family Information Form、pictures and the arrangement. Will adjust or confirm the host family according to parents’ feedback.

Afterfull payment, AEEA American members will prepare all the related materials before students’ arrival at U.S..(If there is accident happenning,we reserve the right to change host family for one time.)


AEEA and our partners will give the necessary coaching through e-mail or video before students going to U.S.

Host family general information

First,the host family should be close to school, no more than 20 minutes drive and comfortable for students to stay.












Second,the host family is willing to share their life and culture and get acquaintance with the student and his nation.

We have different types of host families,such as family with parents and kids,big family with three generations or retired couples. Host family is essential to the students’ learning and living quality, so AEEA will try its best to ensure every student could match the most suitable host family.




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AEEA is one of the most professional and responsible institutions I have ever met, and I love the students they send and trust in their regulatory services.
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