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日期: 2016-12-16
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AEEA life teachers will take students to visit campus、meet the teachers who are in charge of international students and registration. AEEA life teachers will meet with school and parents monthly. Every semester or every season we will communicate with each teacher about students’ performances, teachers comments and improvement, then we’ll make studying plan accordingly. We’ll also have regular homestay meeting to understand students’ life then generate studying and living report to domestic institution and parents.









How to survive in American class?
Registration for class is very important. School will have a meeting to introduce next academic year’s class, then give enough time for students to choose. Supervisor will guide them according to each students’ requirement and graduation needs. Parents will confirm later. In March or April, students will receive their own schedule in the first academic year.

American high school mandatory course includes English, Maths, Science, History, PE, Art and so on. There are also different types of optional courses, such as Earth, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Many courses are divided into different levels based on difficulties. There are regular courses for common students, honors for better students and AP for excellent ones. Though some schools do not have AP, there still are IB courses admitted by the whole world.


Optional course is related to university-application
There are four parts related to apply university, GPA, SAT or ACT, activity testimonial and letter of recommendation. AEEA invited university admissions officers to coach students how to apply and what materials will be needed. However, they all emphasized the importance of GPA, perfect GPA will decide what optional courses are selected.

For the students who succeed in applying good American universities they all have honors and AP. We had better begin to make course plan not only including honors and AP but also have to make sure the scores achieve no less than B+. Because American universities all think highly of optional course.


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AEEA is one of the most professional and responsible institutions I have ever met, and I love the students they send and trust in their regulatory services.
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