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日期: 2016-12-16
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Airport Pick-up
Pick-up service is necessary for the students who arrived America for the first time. AEEA education expert said that in an unfamiliar environment, students’ first concern is how to get to school. So students need to know about the pick-up service,the more you prepared, the sooner you will adapt. AEEA pick-up service is free.


Please inform AEEA staff after you booked ticket.
After the plane landed, please take your passport, letter of admission and all relative custom certificates when you get into concourse. Please talk to custom officers and have your fingerprint done before getting your package and everybody needs to do fingerprint.
AEEA staff will wait for you at international exit, if you did not find the sign with your name please call local service number. However, if you did not have phone, you can ask American for help.
*Attention:please find the airport sign with you name(maybe Chinese name-spelling)


P. S. Some boarding school have pick-up service.
You will get lots of materials after you get the admission,there is a piece of paper asking whether you need pick-up service. Some school need your flight, arrival date and time, some will connect you with phone call、fax or e-mail. The price will range from ten to dozens dollars,some may be free. AEEA teachers will also help you with the application.


After arrival, you will enter passport-checking area.
Passport-checking:please wait in line with your passport、I20、letter of admission and customs declaration form. Your passport will be stamped, all your materials will be registered in USCIS database.
Package claim:please take a cart after inserting a coin to the pointed package claim area then go to customs area.
Customs-checking:besides the package claim,please show your customs declaration form to officers. Once you pass the checking you can enter bordering area.
Bordering:please go to international border area,there are restroom, transportation and transfer signs.


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AEEA is one of the most professional and responsible institutions I have ever met, and I love the students they send and trust in their regulatory services.
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